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Hey there! Thank you for supporting us and making it on to our website!

Let’s start with the basics.


We created a better way for you to share the content you create/enjoy with us. By creating an account, you are now able to post directly on the website, gather votes and get a video posted on our Youtube Channel.

There is an intuitive process to upload songs, add your links (social/buy/listen) and even share your post with others.


In this section of the website, you will find the most popular posts on our website and important news/updates from us. In order to get your uploads there, you have to make sure your post gathers votes, shares, and engagement.

The music stories play independently of the website player because it will be easier for you to pause on the player and preview a few tracks than to click on a story and mess the whole progress of the song you are currently listening to.

In this area, you will always find recent content. Like this, it will be easier for newer uploads to be seen and shared.


The content filter is split into 3 sections.

  1. Community (here will be all your posts; videos, music, photos)
  2. Videohub (in this section we will post updates/news about upcoming projects)
  3. Submissions (here will be posts that were submitted to us on 3rd party websites; facebook, e-mail etc.)

The community tab allows you to filter posts even further.

  1. HOT (Here are the posts that gather significant traction in a short amount of time)
  2. NEW (Here will be all the posts showcased in chronological order
  3. TRENDING (Here you will find the most watched/listened and shared content)

Under the Videohub tab, you can also find the button that leads you to the voting section. Here you can vote for your favorite songs, artists, and models. The tops will be refreshed every week.


The player can be split into two sections.

On the left, you have the download/listen links and the social links of the uploader and on the right, you have the share/cover and title/play buttons.

You can keep the website in the background to listen to music.

If you wish to have the website on your home screen for music playback here is how to do it.


On iOS

Android – Chrome

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