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Upload guide – Make your tracks more appealing

It is as important for us as it is for you that your tracks get more plays and shares from the audience. That is why we decided to help out by creating this guide.

Step 1: Guest or Registered?

While “Guest” offers quicker access, a registered user has more benefits.

Step 2: File Selection | Photo & Track

“Select cover” LEFT is the place where you upload the cover photo.
“Select file” RIGHT is where you upload your track.

2.1 Cover photo tips

  • try to use high-quality compressed photos as it will make your track easier to load for the website
  • make sure the photo has no text or branding on it as usually the titles of the tracks are shown right on top of it so if you have text in the photo as well it will make it harder to read
  • choose contrasty photos that make sense for the track you can find free quality photos here.
  • if you want to use branding try to add it in the corners or on the right side of the photo as usually the track info is displayed on the left side so they won’t overlap
Example: The track details are easy to read and the photo has good contrast.

2.2 Track tips

  • the recommended format for uploads is mp3 as it offers perfect balance between quality and size. While we accept WAV as well, the fact that the file is significantly bigger will make your tracks slower to load
  • make sure your track is well mastered
  • try not to boost the volume or the bass too much as most of the times that causes a loss in quality

Step 3: The Details

Only the TITLE and ARTIST NAME are mandatory here

Example 1 – Original Mix

The ideal way to complete these details for an Original Composition

Example 2 – Remix / Mashup / Bootleg

The ideal way to complete these details for a Remix

Example 3 – Longer DJ Mixes

The ideal way to complete these details for a longer DJ mix

Step 4: Downloads & Genres

4.1 Step 4 Tips

  • if your goal is to only promote your music, you can disable downloads by selecting “NO” in the “Allow downloads” section
  • please make sure your track fits in one of the categories, if you select the wrong ones we might not accept the submission
  • you can add multiple genres for example: hip-hop/bass/remix or deep/house/remix

Step 5: Add your links

These links appear in the song listing as well as on the music player, make sure you put the right ones.
Example for social links

Congratulations, you are ready to press “Confirm” and submit your track! 🔥

It takes between 6 and 12 hours to review your track so please be patient, once we accept your track there will be an e-mail coming your way to let you know.

Thank you for reading this guide! 🙏

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